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St.John’s took root way back in 1969. At that time, a great need was felt by the people of Gannavaram for an English Medium School that could provide sound education to children. Late Dr.C.L.Rayudu, an eminent personality of Gannavaram took the initiative and approached the then pro Nuncio (Vatican Ambassador to India) when on a visit to Vijayawada to persuade him to request a catholic Religious group to start an English Medium School at Gannavaram. His efforts bore fruits when the Bishop of Vijayawada Diocese at the request of Pro Nuncio invited the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel to set up an educational institution at Gannavaram. A team of Brothers, Bro. Felix, Bro. Julian and the late Bros. Vincent and Stansilaus arrived to pave the way.

Two acres of land for starting the school was provided by late Mrs.Venkataratnamma. Another twenty acres of land around was bought by the Brothers. The foundation stone was laid by the then Chief Minister, K.Brahmananda Reddy on 31st August 1969.

With generous assistance given by the late Dr.C.L.Rayudu, thatched sheds were constructed and under the dynamic leadership of Bro.Julian as Principal, St.John’s was officially inaugurated on 10th July 1969. Since it’s inception, St.John’s took giant steps across the educational arena.

One of the aims of starting this institution was to cater to the educational needs of rural agricultural people of costal district of Andhra Pradesh. The need for hostel became imperative and so St. John’s Home was also established in 1969. The girls wing of the hostel was established in 1983 and is managed by the Sisters of St. Peter Claver.

The school began by preparing students for the Andhra Matriculation Examination. The first batch of students took the examination in March 1972 and came out in flying colours with cent percent results. As the standard grew, St. John’s sought affiliation to the Central Board of Secondary Education and Provisional Affiliation was granted in May 1974. In March 1975, the students appeared for the All India Higher Secondary Examination for the first time. Thereafter, Provisional Affiliation was extended upto April 1978. The school was granted permanent affiliation in May 1978 and since then the students have been appearing for the All India Secondary School Examination.

Time flew and the demand for more admissions made it a necessity to press for more accommodation and more spacious buildings. The then Chief Minister, Mr. M. Vengala Rao, laid the corner stone for the first phase on 4th September 1974 and also inaugurated the buildings on 1st April 1976. A beautiful and spacious hostel building came up simultaneously and was inaugurated by the then Education Minister, Mr. M.V.Krishna Rao, also on 1st April 1976.

St. John’s kept abreast with time as it introduced the best facilities available in the form of a magnificent library, well equipped modern laboratories, the best in sphere of Sports and Games, a Children’s Park, a Zoo etc. People began to sit up and marvel at all that was taking place. There was a constant flow of humanity to the portals of St. John’s seeking admission and soon the second phase of buildings took shape.

Under the able stewardship of Bro. Julian, Bro. James, Bro. Claude, Bro. M.M. Joseph, Bro. Thomas Aquinas, Bro. Baltha Raju, Bro. K.M. Joseph, Bro. N.C. Mathew. Bro. Jaico Garvasis , Bro. Lawrance D’Souza ably assisted by a community of Brothers and a group of dedicated staff, the school developed in leaps and bounds. The fame and success of this institution enjoys today is the result of tireless efforts of the pioneering Brothers, the staff and co-workers over the past 35 years. This institution is beholden to all of them. Presently Bro. Shine Alex is heading the institution.

In St. John’s, the school activities are so structured that the basic philosophical trend of Montfortain Education are given ample expression. Along with studies, co-curricular activities in different fields like cultural, literary, sports and games are encouraged to harness the capacities, innate talents and immense potential hidden in the student to the full in different directions. In this regard, special coaching classes are held to bring out the best in the tastes they are skilled in. To keep pace with the fast moving times, Computer Education, Internet, NCC, Army and Air Wing and karate form part of the curriculum. To instil creativity and originality in the students, project works are given and it is thrilling to see their wonderful projects. Thus, the students are moulded into innovative minds.

Having its base in a rural area, St. John’s took up agriculture as subject on the curriculum. A modern dairy and agricultural land was provided where the students toiled with their practical learning. The interest was passed down the years, right upto the present day, when the school guided the students to take up elaborate afforestation programs and work experience classes, there by creating interest environmental preservation.

To inculcate social consciousness and a spirit of generosity in the students towards the needy and downtrodden different program’s are being taken up. The school has great way, helped the leprosy center at Gannavaram in putting up a Water tank, Motor and Prayer hall, Building houses for the poor in Davajigudem, collection of Kargil relief fund, Construction of sick room for the Home for Aged in Avutapally, the Orissa Flood Relief and towards the St. Louis Orchestra of the Blind, Chennai.

The Alumni of the school are spread all over the world excelling and contributing much in their chosen fields of endeavor especially in the fields of Medicine, Engineering, Computers and Civil Services.

The academic excellence is not sacrificed at the alter of the all round development. If examination results are an indication of academic excellence, then the results of the All India Secondary School Examination for the past twenty years show that this institution maintains high degree of academic excellence. Of the twenty batches of students sent up for the All India Secondary School Examination, excepting two batches, all the rest secured 100 percent passes.

We salute those pioneering Stalwarts who envisioned this institution and struggled to translate their vision into a tangible reality. The flame that has been handed down, we hope and pray, will be kept soaring high, forking towards the four corners of this land, in the form of students walking out of the portals of this institution, proclaiming to all that in ‘Love and Service’, mankind can realize its human destiny and individuals, their self fulfillment.