Our Heritage

Millions of men and women pass through life leaving no trace. But some people with vision and mission have sanctificed our Earth with the message of “Love and Brotherhood”. St. Louis Grenoin DE Montfort was one such man. Born on 31st of January 1673, Louis Mary Grenion popularly known as “Montfort” grew to be a prophet in his times. He saw God in the poor and gave his life for the their cause. In him welled up constant spring of Love, Courage, self surrendering service commitment for the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden. The service of this unending spring was always “God and God Alone” which was his “Motto” . The love of the cross of Jesus and True Devotion to Mary were the two pivots of his personal life and apostolate.

He traveled length and breadth of France preaching the refreshing message of a new relationship with God, fellowmen and the world. He lived in a government hospital serving the poor and worked among them. The simple folk called him “the one who loves the poor so much”At a time when access to education was the preserve of royalty and gentry, Montfort opened schools for the poor and working class. “The life, trails and triumph of Jesus Christ” was his constant inspiration. His spiritual experiences recorded in prose and poetry are considered classics.

In 1716, when only 43 years old, Montfort died an untimely death leaving as if his mission was incompleted. However before dying he passed on “his flame” to his spiritual “sons and daughters” who were with him from the beginning. Today almost 300 years the spirit and ideals of Montfort live on across the world. It is kept alive particularly by the three sociaties he founded “Montfort Brothers of St. Gaberiel, Montfort Fathers and Daughters of wisdom”.

The first Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel 1903 came to India. Like the tiny seed that falls on fertile soil the small band of Brothers have sprouted and grown into a mighty tree. They work in 148 educational, social and cultural establishments through out the country. In 2003, Montfort Brother of St. Gabriel celebrated their “centenary arrival to India”. We thank the almighty for his guidance and abundant blessings. May he guide the Brothers to be the torch bearers in the lives of the people.

The activities of the Brothers are meltifarous as the need of the country. They can be found in schools, Technical institutes, Colleges of Higher education, centers of rehabilitation of the Blind and Deaf, Psychological Research and Counseling, care of the aged, disabled and orphaned, youth organisations, sports and games field, in the urban slums, remote tribal villages and in the movement of civil rights and communal amity.

The Brothers together with their staff, students, collaborators and well wishers gather every year for the Montfort games & sports, Literary and cultural activities, to celebrate their heritage, to recall the ideals that sustain them to promote the values of love, justice and Brotherhood. May their tribe increase to serve the people.