The Infernal Walker 2020 Full Torrent

The Infernal Walker 2020

The Infernal Walker 2020 Full Torrent

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The Infernal Walker 2020 720p Chinese BluRay H264 BONE

Genre: Action

IMDB rating: the vote saviors

IMDB rating: out of 20 users

Root rating: Nvt

Metacritical Rating: N / A

Director: Ka-Fai Wong

Starring: Kenneth Chan, Pakho Chau, Shiga Lin, Ray Lui


Video: MP4 | 1280536 | 945kbs

Sound: Chinese | AAC | 112kbs

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

English subtitles

Triad member Fuk Wor Ting (by Michael Tse Tin Wah) and Chief Inspector Tuen (by Pakho Chau) of the Anti-Triad Regional Unit are moles planted by the rival party. In ten years, Ting had grown up within the organization, but deep down he was fed up with the dead end as a secret police force.
Whereas Tuen, the youngest Chief Inspector of all time, wants to start his new chapter in life from scratch and is free from his glorious past. The Father 2020 full movie torrent download
He plans to take down his secret boss, Sung (through Ken Chan) of the illegal Eastern Trade Company. When Fuk Wor and Eastern Trade join forces in a drug deal, the two are unaware that it is actually a trap set by brains to discover the identity of the mole. Peace and justice have always been for both of us, but the step towards that can be..

The Infernal Walker 2020

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