Melancholie der engel AKA The Angels Full Torrent Download

Melancholie der engel AKA The Angels

Melancholie der engel AKA The Angels Full Torrent Download

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AKA: Angel Influence, Angel Melancholy MP4

Director: Marian Dora

By Marian Dora, Frank Oliver

Manufacturer: Georg Treml

Filmmaker: Samuel Dalferth

Music by Marian Dora

Stars: Zensa Raggi, Frank Oliver, Pietro Martellanza, Janette Weller

Year: 2009

Country: Germany

Language: German

Color: Color

Play time: 2 hours 45 minutes

Quotes: English

Melancholie Der Engel is highly regarded by fans of horror films as one of the strongest films ever made. This film pushes all the boundaries that have ever been put on a strong film. There are scenarios that make even the most terrifying fans hard to crawl.

The film was made in 2009 by Marian Dora, director of the German horror film. The director was behind Cannibal’s famous film, which caused a great deal of controversy when it was first released. He has done the same with this film again. It is captured by light and shadow in the same way and not just part of the scene, but almost as a character alone.


It has excessive, disturbing and sickly scenes, so if you have doubts about watching this movie, do not do it if you think it is just a Serbian movie or the August Underground of Mordum, but not if it is like a disneymovie, so think twice before to watch.


The Dark Secret unites two middle-aged men, Katze and Brauth. Katzel has a hint that his end is near. Years later, the two friends meet again to share their last days in an old house where everything happened a long time ago. With the three girls encountered along the way, the atmosphere begins to recover for the second time. If Heinrich and the former artist however decide to get involved, the rebels have one last chance to correct themselves and communicate the story and resolve the old argument. The closest end of grief, Katze goes through all the situations in his life again. At the hour of his death, he is no longer alone. His body is lost and the soul remains in the same place where his destiny and fulfillment took place.

Melancholie der engel AKA The Angels

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