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Free automation software TinyTask is a Windows automation that you can use to record and repeat activities. With this tool, you can save simple processes and convert it into a small Macro that you can use as often as you want with the click of a button. As the name suggests, this program is limited by 35KByet. In addition, it does not require text writing; Without automation, TinyTask is a non-compliant and easy software. As mentioned, you do not need to have knowledge of the document editing process. All you have to do is save what is happening on the screen and let the app create a small app. You can then repeat the process at any time. All applications have one window and a very simple and intuitive structure. (function () {(‘View-application-page-desktop’);}); All key buttons are displayed one after the other, so its use is not very controversial, although training is not available. The Help button is available, but the content is not wide. To save the task, simply press the Save button and complete the task. The program then takes over everything you do, whether it’s opening a file or folder, moving the web, or a more complex sequence. When you are finished, you can stop recording and click Click. Then TinyTask repeats just about everything you did. If it suits you, you can click on Save and name the main name. If you want to repeat saved operations, you can simply refer to your saved macros. All you have to do is press the TinyTask play button and watch the arrow move freely and complete the process. If your media player is trying to play your macros, all you need to do is the best player, right-click and select “Open Together” from the TinyTask menu; REC format. You can also include them as an ExE file, allowing you to do it again. This option also allows you to update as quickly as possible. The application also allows you to configure the function you want to convert. In the settings panel, you can select normal or fast play speed. You can also set it to play the number of times you used the user or make it a series. The settings panel also has the option to hide or display tips and save settings to INI files. You can also set the shortcut for recording and playback easy; Key Software In conclusion, TinyTask is a useful tool if you want to modify repetitive tasks. The application is very light, so the CPU and memory usage are very small. In addition, it allows you to quickly and easily go through the recording and playback. If you need to perform repetitive processes, this is a tool that reduces the task to one;


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