Gummo 1997 DVDRip 480p License free torrent

Gummo 1997 DVDRip

Gummo 1997 DVDRip 480p License free torrent

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Gummo (1997)


: Gummo

: Drama


: (6,648 votes)

: 89min

: 1CD 700MB


Video: XviD

Video: 910kbps

: 640 352

Frame, Frame:

Audio: MP3

Audio: 176kbps

: English

: No.

: Corine’s Harmony



Lone residents of Ohio affected by tornadoes

a desolate landscape trying to fulfill its dull,

nihilistic life.



Jacob Reynolds, Nick Sutton, Lara Tosh, Jacob Sewell,

Darby Dougherty, Chloe Sevigny, Carissa Glucksman,

Casey Jason Goose Wendell Goose



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Gummo 1997 DVDRip

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