School Timings
Fee Structure

On all days all the students will come to school in neat school uniform.


Sky Blue Shirts and Steel greay pants. School neck tie and school belt, black leather shoes and dark blue socks, Track Suit Trousers.

Sky Blue Blouses and Steel greay Skirts. School belt, black leather shoes and dark blue socks.

WEDNESDAY Full white uniform and SATURDAY white pants / skirts with their respective group banians, Track Suit Trousers.

Physical Training

White Shorts

White Shirts / House banians

White P.T. shoes with socks.

A Student who comes to the school whithout proper uniform for more than 3 days in a term, may be sent home.

NB : They shall take all possible care to be always neat and tidy, if the students come with shabby clothes the authorities will be constrained to send them home. They must have a minimum of four pairs of uniform so that they can change them regularly.

V.S.S.T.JOHN'S HR.SEC.SCHOOL - C.B.S.E. Permanent Affiliation - Gannavaram - Krishna District