9th,10th Prefinal Time Table
9th Final Exam Time Table
10th Board Exam Time Table
SA-II (I to VIII) Time Table
01.The essential purpose of the evaluation is to ascertain the performance of the student in the class, and where weakness or negligence is observed, to take remedial measures in consultation with the school authorities.
02.All the class work, the home work, assignments and the Formative Assessments are taken into account for the evalution.
03.Promotion will be based on continuous and comprehensive evaluation i.e
First Term - FA1 (10%) + FA2(10%) + SA1(30%) = 50%.
Second Term : FA3 (10%) + FA4(10%) + SA(30%) = 50%.
04.The Progress Reports for the Summative Assessment will be issued to the Parents on an assigned day. On that day, the parents are invited to visit the school and discuss the progress of their children with the teachers.
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